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Time in Windsor, Canada now

Canada Windsor;
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Weather Windsor

Wed 07 --/-8° Scattered SnowScattered Snow 67% NNW 8mph
Thu 08 0°/-8° Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 5% NW 3mph
Fri 09 2°/-3° CloudyCloudy 16% E 10mph
Sat 10 3°/-2° Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy 15% ESE 10mph
Sun 11 1°/-4° SnowSnow 53% NNW 8mph
Mon 12 1°/-4° Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy 8% E 5mph
Tue 13 2°/0° SnowSnow 41% ESE 13mph
Wed 14 4°/-1° Rain and SnowRain and Snow 58% SE 14mph
Thu 15 2°/-3° Rain and SnowRain and Snow 57% SW 9mph

Time difference from Windsor

Los Angeles
−3 hours
−3 hours
−1 hours
−1 hours
New York0
São Paulo+1 hours
UTC+4 hours
Lagos+5 hours
London+5 hours
Cairo+6 hours
Johannesburg+6 hours
Paris+6 hours
Zurich+6 hours
Istanbul+7 hours
Moscow+7 hours
Dubai+8 hours
Mumbai+9.5 hours
Hong Kong+12 hours
Shanghai+12 hours
Singapore+12 hours
Tokyo+13 hours
Sydney+14 hours